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Natural Lighting

It’s approximated that 80% of all information we take in is received through the sense of light. Having natural lighting in commercial buildings, offices, retail spaces, and other properties makes for a comfortable setting, and everyone needs some light in their lives. Literally, we need light to see! Some window coverings block out too much light while others don’t know the difference between natural light and blinding light. With today’s innovations, window solutions enhance the building’s natural light without letting in bothersome glares. Your employees or tenants can work without eye strain and everyone will be able to see computer screens at all times of the day. Take advantage of the benefits of natural light. Rico’s team of experienced estimators and installers has been improving the natural lighting inside commercial properties for nearly 60 years! Reach out to our team today for trusted guidance on which natural lighting solution is the best fit for your property.

MechoSystems Fixed Shades

Fixed Shades by MechoSystems is a custom-fit static window covering that is shaped exactly to the architectural details of the window. This product can fit nearly any window shape out there, and offers both solar protection and the increased distribution of natural light. Fixed Shades are the optimal choice for natural light distribution when traditional roller shades do not work with the window size or shape. Fixed shades also work for nearly any shadecloth available.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film

3M’s Daylight Redirecting Film is the ultimate natural lighting solution to a dark office, retail space or building. The film uses micro-replication technology to redirect up to 80% of incoming light up towards the ceiling, resulting in brighter rooms. The Redirecting Film also distributes light further into the room, and can reach as far as 40 feet from the window. In effect, dependency on electric lighting will decrease. This solution is especially powerful for an office space since natural lighting has been shown to increase worker productivity.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette FR Window Shadings

Sheer light control is the name of the game when referring to Silhouette FR Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas. Window shadings feature adjustable fabric vanes suspended between two sheer facing fabrics, which allow for better control of daylight and glare. This natural lighting solution protects against 88% of UV rays with its vanes open, and up to 99% with vanes closed. With this amount of ultraviolet protection, Silhouette Shadings control glare and heat, but it also allows non damaging light to come through and brighten the space.

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