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Safety and Security Commercial Window Tinting in Sacramento

Security is a primary issue for both small business owners and commercial buildings, but no building ever looks welcoming with window bars on the main floor. 3M Safety and Security Window Films are specifically designed to hold glass together during a massive storm, blasts or other events. The thicker adhesive also makes a break-in attempt more difficult. Not only are events like these damaging to your bottom line, but as a business, you’re responsible for keeping your employees safe.

Window tinting security solutions greatly reduce the risk that an employee will be hit with shards of broken glass during a storm or other natural disaster. Sacramento safety commercial window tinting is also perfect for businesses whose main concern is privacy. Opaque film graphics and commercial privacy window tinting provide that needed bit of separation between conference rooms or office spaces. Work with Rico’s business window graphics design team to create customized graphics that will bring your office space to life.

3M Safety & Security Commercial Window Tinting

Protect your business and employees with any of 3M’s three commercial security window tinting solutions. The Ultra Prestige Series safety window tinting for businesses in Sacramento is a glass-fragment retention window film that offers next level protection. On the other hand, the Ultra Night Vision Series offers the same tear-resistant protection as Ultra Prestige with an added feature: enhanced night views. 3M also manufactures the Scotchfield Ultra Series that restrains shattered glass during natural disasters and offers an extra layer of protection against robberies.

MechoSystems Bottom/Up Shades

Bottom/Up Shades by MechoSystems is a flexible shading system that operates just like any other MechoShade systems except it has an additional roller tube at the bottom. This additional tube makes it so that the privacy settings are adjustable. This offers a solution for privacy needs on the lower and ground level floors of buildings since the exterior view is blocked. In addition, MechoSystems’ Bottom/Up Shades includes side guide wires to map out shades of all shapes and sizes.

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