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Sun Protection

Commercial Sun Protection Window Coverings & Window Tinting in Sacramento, CA

Office workers rate having a comfortable workplace as the most highly valued workplace attribute in a survey conducted by Herman Miller, Inc. Excessive heat or cold and sun glare definitely do not make a workplace comfortable. If you want to retain employees or your building tenants, it’s smart to invest in some sun protection window coverings or window tinting. Keep the space at a more even temperature without adjusting the HVAC system every hour. Plus, automated sun protection window solutions are the best bet for large commercial buildings. Automated window shades and coverings open and close your treatments with just the push of a button!

With nearly 60 years of experience, Rico’s has helped with the design and installation of countless commercial sun protection window tinting and window treatments in the Sacramento area over the years. Request a consultation to discuss the wide the range of window treatments available. From a more traditional option, like vertical blinds, to a more extreme option, such as window films, that nearly eliminates excessive heat or cold.

Hunter Douglas RB 500 Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas has been engineering commercial shades for decades, and the RB 500 System is the result of years of experience. This sun protection solution is most fitting for large commercial buildings that require large, oversized window shades. The RB 500 System lifts oversized shades quietly and with ease to provide optimal shading and sun protection. This system is offered in nearly 100 different fabrics, with an automation package and Blockout Side Channels.

Hunter Douglas Exterior Roller Shades

If you want superior sun protection, the experts at Hunter Douglas suggest its Exterior Roller Shades. This product blocks solar heat, glare and sunlight before it even gets through the windows. The major features of the Exterior Roller Shades are the heavy-duty headboxes, guide wires, and weather-rated fabrics, which all combine to hold up against harsh environments and major weather conditions. This solution is also available in a full motorization and automation option.

MechoSystems SkyLighter Shades

Skylighter Shades by MechoSystems is a superior shading system that fits top down or bottom up to building windows in addition to horizontally for skylight windows. The system reduces the heat gain indoors as well as blinding sun glare that comes through skylight windows on the roof. It also accommodates several different window shapes and sizes. In addition, this sun control solution offers two alternatives to completely closed window shades: flat or soft fold.

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