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Window Automation

More light exposure at the office has led to better sleep, an improved quality of life and better physical activity, which has a high correlation with worker productivity. With results like these, commercial window covering automation is a no-brainer! Automated window shades and coverings adjust the lighting to provide the perfect amount of sunlight exposure. Window automation is a solution for more than just an easy lighting fix: save on energy costs or modernize your space. With automated shades, you can pre-set your window coverings to close on the weekends, early mornings or during nights to decrease cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. In addition, adding window covering automation is a simple way to transform any space by bringing in a modern interior element. Rico’s will work step-by-step with you to choose the right design and function as well as the installation process.

MechoSystems SolarTrac

There is absolutely no manual operation required with MechoSystems SolarTrac. As a part of MechoSystems Solar Automation family, SolarTrac is a computerized WindowManagement System that is run on three roof-mounted radiometers that monitor weather and sky conditions. SolarTrac is able to determine sky conditions through analyzing solar-sensor data and adjusts window shades according to the weather. The shades are raised when it’s cloudy, and the shades are positioned according to the sun’s angle when clear.

Hunter Douglas RB 500 Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas has been engineering commercial shades for decades, and the RB 500 System is the result of multiple years of experience. This window covering automation solution also doubles as major sun protection for commercial buildings, offices or retail spaces. The RB 500 System automatically lifts oversized shades quietly and with ease to provide optimal shading and sun protection with just a switch or a remote control button. This system is also offered in nearly 100 different fabrics, offering endless customization.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Exterior Roller Shades

Commercial-grade Motorized Exterior Roller Shades bring the same expertise from Hunter Douglas’ internal shades to the window exterior. This automated sun control solution blocks solar heat, glare and sunlight either by switch or automated control system before it can even reach the windows. The major features of the Exterior Roller Shades are the heavy-duty headboxes, guide wires, and weather-rated fabrics, which all combine to hold up against harsh environments and major weather conditions.

MechoSystems SunDialer

The SunDialer is also a part of MechoSystems Solar Automation Family, just like the SolarTrac. The more economical option of the two automation choices, SunDialer has won numerous product awards including the 2010 NeoCon Innovation Award. This solution automatically adjusts window shade positions according to solar penetration and real-time sky conditions allowing the ability to maximize daylight, comfort, outdoor views, as well as energy efficiency. SunDialer can be integrated with radiometers and WhisperShade I-Con motors.

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