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“I believe that the future of window film is dynamic, just like electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Does anyone not believe that ten years from now that most new cars on the road will be wholly or partially electric? I feel the same way about window films being dynamic. CoolVu’s strategy is to be the dominant brand associated with these cutting-edge transitional film technologies. Our long-term goal is to be the TESLA of window film.” – Jeff Franson, Here’s what below:

Film-to-Glass Chart

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CoolVu+ Sample & Swatch Cards

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ARCAT Marketing Program

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Connecting Socially

CoolVu will be actively reaching out to you to “Friend and Connect” on social channels throughout the month of September. An important step in growing the brand and driving local awareness to your business, this effort will also allow CoolVu to serve-up engaging content that you can share and curate across all your social platforms. Please continue to engage with CoolVu by sharing, liking and commenting on posts!

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Architectural Warranty | View

  • Supplemental warranty no longer a requirement for jobs with windows over 20 square feet
  • Basic glass coverage extended to $1,000 per windowpane
  • Supplemental glass coverage extended to $2,500 per windowpane
  • Labor credit now available: $1.50 per sq. foot for R&R

Auto Warranty | View

  • Labor credit now standard: $20 per side window, $15 per ¼ window, $75 for back window
  • Exclusion: 100% UV blocking laminated glass coverage for photochromic reaction
  • Windshield exclusion for photochromic reaction

Remember: If the warranty is not registered online, the project ‘doesn’t exist’ in the eyes of the underwriter. Warranty your projects here today.

CoolVu+ Series

CoolVu+ Series Transitional Window Films are now available for purchase. CoolVu+ Series films have greater transition ranges for even more impressive dynamic solar tinting on glass.

  • CoolVu+1 – Available soon. Highest heat rejection with superior transition (Q4 2019)
  • CoolVu+2 – BUY NOW! (East Coasters order through Distribution!)
  • Transition range of up to 30-40% in direct sunlight
  • Dealer cost of $2,950 for a 60” roll ($5.90 psf)

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