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Energy Efficient Window Coverings Rancho Cordova CA

The experts at Rico’s have been helping customers in Rancho Cordova CA with energy efficient window coverings for more than 60 years. Saving energy by shading the interior of your home or business is good for both the bottom line and the planet. Begun in 1958 as a drapery business out of the home of our founder, Rico, we are now the largest window coverings and films company in the Sacramento area because we have never forgotten our original commitment to quality and integrity. Our highly experienced estimators and skilled installers will help you fully understand your many options and properly and promptly install the solution that best fits your needs and budget. We believe that energy savings begin at your window, and with our experience and knowledge, we can efficiently maximize your residential and commercial energy savings.  

At home, going green is no longer a trend, it is a way to make your home more efficient and run at a lower cost. Tinting keeps money in your pocketbook—the 3M Prestige Series, a multi-layer film that stops 97 percent of the sun’s infrared light but allows enough sunlight in to enjoy natural light—is an excellent choice for home energy savings. Hunter Douglas blinds are available in a wide array of colors, textures and slat sizes. We can give you a free in-home estimate and then send our professionally trained -technicians to install your cost-saving window coverings. Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades, for example, features a honeycomb design with six layers of fabric and five insulating pockets to give you next-level energy efficiency in both warm and cold weather.

Help Save Yourself Money

For businesses, energy savings are critical to staying in the black—40 percent of heating and cooling loss in a commercial building is due to windows. Though there are many options, the Night Vision 3M window film is designed to enhance views and savings, while the Low-E 35 focuses on energy savings and improving indoor comfort. Chain-driven MechoShade roller shades filter incoming sunlight and effectively stabilize internal temperature. Though these cloth shades filter out damaging sunlight, they provide clear as day views out the window. We have experience in every kind of commercial enterprise—from small businesses to the Sacramento Capital Building—we have made windows the location of energy savings, keeping businesses more viable and our planet greener.

Our loyal customers in Rancho Cordova CA and the greater Sacramento area have trusted us with the planning, installation, and maintenance of energy efficient window coverings for more than 60 years. Call our experts today at 916-366-7426 or contact us online so that we can help you evaluate your needs and get you the window covering or film that will work best for your house, business, and budget!

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