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Everyone loves a little natural light, but absolutely no one enjoys the terrible glare when the sun rises or goes down. Windows shades are an inevitable piece in every home. If the glare wasn’t bad enough already, your home furnishings fade and break down over time due to the sun exposure. In fact, about 90% of fading is due to either solar heat, UV rays or visible light. Shop for window blinds or shades for yourself, and you’ll be protecting your investments as well. For the past 60 years, Rico’s has installed window shades in homes with large, small, round, and every other type of window imaginable. A solid solution to glare and shade is combining trendy shades with home automation. While you’re away during the day, cover your windows with just the click of the button to protect your home furnishings. Contact Rico’s estimation team today for an in-home quote.

MechoSystems UrbanShade

The UrbanShade by MechoShade Home Systems is solar shading at its finest. Offered in either a manual chain-driven system or a wireless-controlled motorized system, this product is affordable, long-lasting and has a sleek design that looks good with modern to traditional decor. UrbanShade has the ability to be personalized as well; choose from any of its 22 shadecloth coverings. The flexibility is hard to beat since you can install the manual version now, and upgrade to motorized later.

MechoSystems SunDialer WindowManagement System

Doubling up as a home automation and ultimate shade option, the MechoShade Home Systems SunDialer WindowManagement System tracks the sun and adjusts the window positions based on real-time weather and sky conditions. The SunDialer can control up to 12 different zones, integrated with radiometers and WhisperShade I-con motors. This shade solution uses window orientation and shape in order to calculate a user-adjustable solar-penetration threshold. It also produces a solar memory log that reports the history of shade positions.

3M Sun Control Window Film Ceramic Series

Help control the sun’s damaging rays with ceramics. The Sun Control Window Film Ceramic Series by 3M keeps the home cool by blocking 80% of the sun’s infrared rays, but it also rejects UV rays. You can significantly extend the life of your home furnishings, such as couches or other furniture, with the Ceramic Series making it extremely cost-effective in the long run. This shade solution won’t damage your views either. It comes with a scratch-resistant coating and a non-metallized film.

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