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Privacy Window Tinting Sacramento CA

We offer high-quality, attractive privacy window tinting for those interested in blocking out nosy neighbors or simply adding a modest addition to bathroom windows. While privacy window coverings are mostly used to shield the interior of a home from prying eyes, they also can provide excellent energy saving solutions and protect the interior of your home from damaging UV rays. For over 60 years, Rico’s Window Coverings and Films has been #1 trusted company in Sacramento CA. When you’re looking for privacy window tinting, we’re sure to have attractive options to fit any taste, budget or need.

Privacy window tinting is a thin plastic film that’s installed on the inside of your home’s windows; it allows natural light to enter your home while making it difficult for those outside to peer in. Beyond offering privacy, window tinting can also be an excellent cost-effective way to cut energy bills by reducing your reliance on artificial lighting during the day. Window tinting also reduces the amount of heat entering your house and blocks out UV rays which causes discoloration and fading in the interior of your home.  During the winter, window film prevents heat from escaping your home, allowing you to spend less money on heating costs. So, while it may seem like window tinting is simply for privacy concerns, it comes with many eco-friendly benefits!

As the largest window treatment company in Sacramento CA, we offer window coverings and treatments you simply won’t find anywhere else. We’re authorized dealers of Hunter Douglas, 3M, and MechoSystems, three brands that provide high-quality, stylish and modern options that look great in any home. Two options we carry that are popular are Hunter Douglas Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades and 3M Crystal Glass and Fasara Glass finishes. The Hunter Douglas shades are some of the most versatile privacy window coverings available; they can be opened from the top or bottom, depending on your privacy needs. 3M Crystal glass and Fasara Glass is an excellent privacy option for within the home, perfect for bathroom or shower doors. It has an attractive textured glass appearance that’s stylish and adds to any home décor.

When you’re searching for the finest window coverings and treatments, whether for privacy, shade, energy costs or even decorative purposes, turn to Rico’s! We’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Give us a call today at 916-366-7426 to discuss your needs or request a free in-home estimate.

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