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Security Film for Home Windows Rancho Cordova CA

Unfortunately, Americans are victimized by home intruders at an alarming rate—across our nation there is a break-in every 13 seconds, meaning that there are more than two million burglaries each year! If security is a concern for you, then locking your doors and windows may not feel like enough of a deterrent. That’s why we offer our customers in Rancho Cordova CA security film for commercial and home windows. Founded in 1961, we have grown into the premier window covering and film company in the greater Sacramento area. You can trust our knowledgeable, skilled professionals to assist you in ordering and install a full range of residential and commercial security and sun protection solutions, saving you money in energy costs and anxiety about vulnerability to criminals. 

Most intruders want to maximize profit and minimize effort—security glass film for windows makes breaking into your home much more difficult. When burglars try to smash a window for quick access to your residence, shattered glass holds together and thwarts their attempt. Often, invaders will quickly realize your home is not easily breached and move on to less well-defended residences. In addition, homeowners will enjoy the other benefits of tinting, including energy savings, protection from sun damage, and injury from broken glass during natural disasters. The Ultra Night Vision Series from 3M, for example, is micro layered and tear-resistant window tinting that has the added benefit of enhancing nighttime views.

Why Should I Get Security Film?

Commercial buildings that are vacant all night and on weekends are particularly vulnerable to intruders. Installing bars on first-floor windows makes your building secure, but it is not inviting to your customers or employees. We offer businesses many options for safety and security glass film for windows, including 3M’s Scotchfield Ultra Series that restrains fragmented glass during natural disasters and offers an extra level of protection against burglaries. Keeping your business safe from intrusion and your employees safe from flying glass during an earthquake is a win-win for your company.

Rico’s is the most reliable name in window film and covering in the Sacramento Valley and is the trusted choice for security film for business and home windows for customers in Rancho Cordova CA.  To enjoy a safer and more secure home or business while saving money on energy costs, call us today at 916-366-7426 or schedule an appointment online.

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